A province of ancient Greece, Arcadia has become synonymous with the poetic connotation of "Utopia." Many cities and regions throughout history have been named Arcadia, originally after the god Arcas. In addition, the word "Arcadian" is a formal term from which the more colloquial form, "cajun," derives. I thought the name suited this guitar, along with its doublecutaway counterpart, which is to be unveiled later this year.

The design agenda for this one is obvious: a classic singlecutaway given some flair with a slight asymmetry, particularly to the lower bout, which has traditionally been symmetrical. Since we see the guitar mostly in a playing position, why not juice it up a little?

arc42      arc07




I prefer using a larger-than-usual sidemarker if I'm leaving the face of the fretboard clear of fretmarkers. The larger white dots are easier to see in dim light or at a glance.

The faux binding can be seen best in some of these shots. The edge of the bookmatched maple top is simply left unstained, giving it the look of binding. It's a great way to get some contrast and set the dyed top off from the rest of the guitar body.

arc20     arc09


I prefer rounding over corners, particularly this back edge. Along with the belly cut, it makes for more comfortable playing. Plus, the corners don't get knocked or dinged as much.

  arc14     arc12

Walnut is one of my favorite instrument woods.



Sperzel locking tuners. My favorite.


This is my neck vollute - standard on all my necks and adds a bit of strength to the headstock where it joins to the shaft of the neck. You can also see the cherry stripe up the center. Also on this particular guitar, I've put the trussrod adjustment at the guitar end of the neck.







Body: semi-hollow walnut with bookmatched maple top

Neck: 3-piece walnut-cherry-walnut w/ 10-degree 3x3 headstock w/ maple veneer, dual-action trussrod,
graphite nut - 1.70" width, 1-7/16" string spread

Pickups: Kent Armstrong M213 neck and M214 bridge humbuckers

Switching: volume and tone w/3-way pickup selector

Bridge: chrome hardtail Strat-style, 2-1/16" string spread

Sperzel locking, shiny chrome 3x3

Finish: lacquer top for a nice deep glossy luster over the aniline dyes and Tru-Oil back and neck.
The transition from one to the other requires some special attention, but the result is a beautiful, lustrous figure with a microthin finish.

I set this guitar up with one of the lowest actions I've ever played, just because I could. It's extremely easy to play... almost TOO easy, though it doesn't buzz like you would think it should, unless you really bang on it. The neck is carved to a nice "V" shape, fairly thin and great for players with smaller hands. This whole guitar is extremely light, mostly the result of the semi-hollow routing of the body. It's almost entirely hollow, except for an integral walnut block running down the center from the neck to just past the bridge.

This Arcadia is currently available for $3275, including hardshell case and custom leather strap.
Please email me with any questions.


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