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This is the second of the individual necks I've chosen to make available.  Specifics are listed below. The headstock is shaped, but I've included some extra room to allow the peghead to be further shaped to suit. Note the trussrod access. It's clean and elegant enough that a cover plate is not necessary.



This is a dropped-down style headstock, as opposed to an angled one. This type of headstock affords the opportunity to avoid joinery such as scarf joints, maintaining the integrity of the grain of the wood. Some believe this enhances or promotes sustain. I also add a back plate with a vollute and sometimes an extra layer of veneer such as on this neck for further strength and rigidity. Rigidity most definitely promotes sustain.



Not only is it strong and rigid... it looks great, too. It's a terrific way to add a functional flourish to what is usually a very boring and weak area on dropped-down necks.



If you look carefully, you can discern the profile carve of the neck shaft in the photo below.







Note the rounded and polished fret ends. These are cut, ground, and polished to length before installation for a very nice custom touch. It makes the fret ends much easier on the player's hands. Also, note the slightly-larger-than-usual side dots.




Neck wood: 2-piece walnut w/maple veneer strip weadstock: dropped-down 3x3
Backplate: walnut w/vollute, maple veneer
Fretboard: Indian rosewood maple veneer
Scale: 25", same as PRS
Frets: 24 nickel .102"w .035"h, rounded and polished ends, leveled
Width at nut: 1.73", 44mm *
Width at 24th fret: 2 3/16" (56mm)
Front markers: 1/4" mother of pearl
Neck carve: rounded, asymmetrical V
Trussrod: dual-action, headstock access
Attachment type: bolt-on
Nut: none included**
Finish: Tru-oil

Rubbed with 0000 steel wool and 2400 grit along the shaft for silky smoothness.

* Although this may seem wide to those devoted to Fender widths, keep in mind that
an extra sixteenth of an inch divided between 6 strings isn't much. I, myself, have small hands
and prefer the 1.70 - 1.75 nut widths to the more narrow widths, especially with my neck carves.

** For an extra fee, I can supply a graphite nut with the slots pre-cut.

Price: $375, plus $15 shipping and handling
Warning: if I begin a new guitar that needs a neck in a pinch, I may use this neck myself!


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